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My practice is managed according to the Code of Ethics as stated in Chapter 491 of the Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy, and Mental Health Counseling.

This Privacy Policy outlines how I manage and protect the privacy of your personal information in my practice as a clinical counselor and psychotherapist.

  • I only collect and record information provided by you, or others you may advise me to contact, which is necessary for the practice of clinical counseling or psychotherapy.
  • During the course of therapy I will take notes around the developments in therapy.
  • I undertake to treat all your information with respect and confidentiality. If you have any concerns with regards to these matters, please discuss them with me.
  • I will not disclose any identifiable information about you without your consent.  To protect your privacy and within the limits of the law, I will resist any contact with any third party unless mutually agreed between us (i.e. family members; other professionals) and will inform you if any contact occurs.
  • To maintain and build on my standards of practice I may present and discuss my work with senior colleagues. This is done in a way that ensures complete anonymity while maintaining high standards of practice as required by the Code of Ethics of the State of Florida Mental Health Counselors.
  • All records will be held for at least seven years after the therapy ceases or as otherwise required.