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Couples Therapy-  Is it Recommended?


People in relationship seek counseling for several reasons, from power struggles and communication problems , to sexual dysfunction and accusations of cheating. Counseling is recommended when there is a disconnect in a relationship. Studies have shown that couples wait on average of 5 years to seek help. And yet, the more time has passed, the more difficult it may be to repair the relationship

Effective therapy will likely focus on many aspects of the relationship, although communication tends to be the primary target of relationship therapy. When partners look to constantly employ conflict avoidance or engage in angry power struggles, communication problems arise; resentment builds, and repairs are never made. Counselors know that one of the first steps in improving a relationship is to focus on showing each person how to regulate their emotions, stay calm, and use healthy communication skills to resolve problems new and old, and many partners see their communication improved as a result of counseling.

Desired Outcomes

Successful therapy depends on each partner’s desire and dedication to the process, and couples can expect to become improved listeners and communicators and to focus on new ways to support one another. Goals will be established by the couple, with advice of the therapist, and in order to achieve these objectives, each partner must be prepared to acknowledge and understand his or her role in the relationship. It is common for conflict to arise within therapy sessions, however therapists will strive to remain neutral and avoid taking sides. Supplemental individual sessions may be recommended to each partner as a matter of course, or upon request.

Duration, Frequency and Effectiveness

Counseling is often not long in duration, though healing takes time, and ultimately, the therapy will proceed for as long as the couple is committed to seeing it through or until resolution is reached. Relationship counseling is often held once per week, but this may vary depending on your therapy goals and whether you are also attending individual or group therapy sessions.

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